For more than 18 years Or Solutions for Your Events has WOWED more than 500,000 people by producing over 1,500 world-class events in Israel and around the world.


Or Solutions for Your Events is a one-stop-shop to handle every aspect of event production, from original, tailor-made ideas in the planning stage to finding the talent, marketing the event, arranging refreshments and photographers and even travel arrangements and lodging if necessary. We guarantee the best quality event within your budget.


We believe the only test of a successful event is the level of customer satisfaction. Over the years Or Solutions for Your Eventshas maintained the highest level of customer satisfaction because of our creativity, attention to detail, extensive planning, problem solving ability and our experienced professional team.



Our satisfied clients include fortune 500 companies such as Intel and leading organizations in Israel: Dexcel Pharma, El Al, PTC, to name a few.


We plan and make all the arrangements for:

Workshops - Wide variety of active workshops in your the offices or outdoors

o    Alcohol and chocolate workshops

o    Who's the Chef competition

o    Creative activities

o    Memory and thinking games

o    Theatre, and more...


Lectures - Various fascinating and entertaining lectures in every field
o    Humor

o    Creative thinking

o    Social intelligence

o    Personal/professional training

o    Empowerment and motivation enhancement

o    Communication skills

o    Economic and the capital market


Scheduling and ordering of hotel accommodation and activities for foreign visitors

o    Interested in combining business with luxury accommodation?

o    Organizing team-building events or tours of the country for foreign visitors?

We will provide you with a personal tourism vehicle and a qualified guide for touring the entire country, including meals and visits to recommended sites.


Content artists - A selection of

o    Standup artists

o    Over-music bands

o    Singers

o    Telepathy and extrasensory shows

o    One-man shows

o    Musicals

o    Children shows, various circus shows and dance groups


Launches - Reveal new products and make them a brand name!

We provide expert advice and guidance to design a successful launch strategy by choosing the concept of the event and designing it according to the product:

We create projected logos or a message in a "loop", image clips, recoding jingles, and produce signage, catalogs and advertising materials.


Incentivetrips - Unique activities for managers and divisions

o    Riddles written especially for the organization

o    Treasure hunting

o    Rolling tours in personal vehicles

o    Field excursions at special historical and magical sites

o    Golf

o    Cooking and wine workshops, and many more surprises


Incentive trips combined with seafaring activities

o    Kayaking

o    Canoeing

o    Raft building

o    Zodiacs

o    Yachting

o    Cruises

o    Snorkeling and skin diving


Incentive trips combined with aeronautical activities
o    Gliding/flying 
o    ATV
o    Private flights
o    Hot air ballooning
o    Abseiling and omega


Incentive trips combined with land activities

o    ATV

o    Ranger

o    Tom cars

o    Bicycles

o    Carts

o    Walking excursions with actors and story-tellers

o    Safari vehicles

o    Jeeps

o    Camels, horses and donkeys


"Concept" parties

o    Las Vegas night

o    Tavern/Pub night

o    Seventies

o    White & blue night

o    Brazilian night

o    Child's Day

o    Family Day

o    Women’s Day

o    Holy days

o    Happy Hours and anything else that may come to you mind!


ODT workshops - Team-development games with a variety of group mission games. The games include missions that focus on group thinking, leadership and teamwork, for example:

o    Shooting range and paintball

o    Infrared

o    Laser, bow and arrow

o    Omega

o    Abseiling

o    Wall climbing

o    Treasury hunts

o    Missions

o    Structure building in the field and more





Vacations in Israel - Organization and production of vacations in hotels or country guest houses across the country. We will take care of every aspect, starting from tour routes for the entire family, various attractions, outdoor meals, treats and surprises in the bus, gifts in the rooms, and of course, entertainment shows.


Vacations overseas - Organizing tour packages including challenging bicycle trips to Jordan, Turkey, the Greek Islands and Cyprus. In addition we also offer to organize your flights or cruises in combination with various selected local attractions and quality tour guides in Hebrew.


Or Solutions for Your Events also can handle private/family events such as weddings, birthdays Bar mitzvahs, etc., specializing in making arrangements for foreign visitors who wish to celebrate their events in Israel.